Sunday, January 31, 2016

Brazilian Underwear Company Has the Same Name As Donkey Kong Villain

That reaction says it all.
Not so long ago, the world got a taste of the unexpected yet undeniably fabulous new boy band, Big Bad Bosses, which is made up of four veteran video game villains.  Of course, if you're Bowser, Ganondorf, Sephiroth or Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, you can pretty much write your ticket to cash from any venture on name-recognition alone.  Yet what about those other villains; the ones who aren't as well recognized, and have been out of work for a while?  What do they do to branch out with a new gig?  Well, if they're oversized crocodiles, apparently they sell panties to hipsters. 

Get a load of King K Rool--not the Kremling King who menaced Donkey Kong in a number of video games, but an uppity underwear corporation in Brazil, which sees great potential in lavishly illustrating the one bit of clothing most people aren't even going to see.  Or to take it from their "Sobre" (About) page, run through Babelfish:

WHO WE ARE? Who says we need to have a single style or follow gender patterns? Whatever you want, wear what you want, be you! Why can't they be sexy wearing panties?
Well, for one thing, "sexy" is rather subjective, dependent on the sexes and orientations of both the viewer and the viewed; men shouldn't expect to get the same type of lust women do by wearing novelty panties, considering there's no ignoring that massive bulge they add to the product!  But go on, King K Rool:

King k. Rool is a Studio specializing in design of underwear. Our products are original and irreverent, evading patterns and encouraging the causes in which we believe. 
Well certainly, nothing says proud irreverence like flagrantly violating a major corporation's trademarks, with the exception of violating one of the trademarks that the company actually uses these days!

Experience freedom in art form and color!
 That might mean more if it was about the sorts of clothes people actually see.
CREATIVE DIRECTORS We're Aline and Maria Fernanda, friends, partners, designers, in love with music, zombies, video games and, mainly, by design.
I think that bit I bolded pretty much confirms they knew exactly what they were doing.
We've always had trouble finding underwear unisex and funny. Thus, we created the King k. Rool, who also believes in freedom of expression. 
Um, no.  Rareware, working for Nintendo in the 1990s, created King K Rool, and if I remember correctly, he was quite the tyrant.  On the other hand, though, he did like dressing up in many costumes, so I guess people are complex!  But you still didn't create him!

King K Rool's products fall into three categories, Unisex, Hipster and Calcita.  The supposedly Unisex undies don't seem to have a peehole, though to be fair, peeholes are pretty unnecessary.  The Hipster line doesn't necessarily look any more or less hipster than the others, but I'm just curious why they'd name it after people who are well-known as The Anti-Sexy--but then, why would you name your business after an anthropomorphic crocodile?!  I'd like to comment on "Calcita", but putting it in Babelfish only managed to change the last vowel to an "e", so there's a lost cause.

Really, King K Rool doesn't seem to like to go into much detail, as evidenced by a blog post of theirs about gay rights...that is just their logo painted in the wrong rainbow colors with the wrong line breaks.

I don't really know what else to say about this, but maybe they do, so contact these eccentric entrepreneurs on FaceBook or Twitter if you like!

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