Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time to Petition for an Action Figure of Misty from Pokemon!

It's time to start this up, my fellow fans!

If you couldn't tell from the last article on this site, or my myriad irritated posts elsewhere, I am no longer an ultra-loyal consumer to the Pokemon series.  I don't hate it; in fact there are aspects of the universe I really like, but the lather-rinse-repeat nature of it all has gotten to be too much.  Still, I feel no regrets about those days past when I enjoyed it, and one of the things I enjoyed was the Pokemon anime's take on Misty.  She was tough, sassy, could deliver a good snark and would stand up for what she believed in, and looking back, I'm pretty sure she was the first fictional girl I had a crush on, if not the first girl, period.  I know many nostalgic fans really miss her.

So I've started up a petition and I beg all ye faithful to sign!  We request a good, articulated action figure of Misty as a 20th Anniversary gem!  I don't know if this'll actually help a figure get made, but it can't hurt, and we might even make some friends of like minds in the process.  Head on down to this page to sign and comment!  Misty commands you!