Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ten Things I Want In Lego Dimensions!

I'm not a fan of Traveler's Tales' Lego games, as I've mentioned before--They're clunky, repetitive, and tend to relate to Lego only in appearance (even then only sparingly sometimes, as occasionally environments are made to look like conventional terrain).  Nevertheless, I have had a bit more enthusiasm for Lego Dimensions from the start, if only because of the inherent humor of the mass-crossover potential, and the latest information released makes it sound more and more like a massive, playable sequel to 2014's surprise hit, The Lego Movie, so now I eagerly await more.  From the sample described by IGN, I can hopefully deduce the sort of hijinx the game will contain, and with those expectations in mind, here is my list, in no particular order, and with some hasty illustrations via my own bricks, of things I want to see in this game:

1) The Ghostbusters befuddled by a Scooby Doo villain.  These two universes are superficially similar in a way, but with a major difference: Both feature a lot of supernatural villains, but in Scooby Doo, they tend to be hoaxes, while I can't remember the Ghostbusters ever facing a hoaxed spook.  Now, Scooby Doo has had plenty of exceptions, but one thing I've noticed is that almost every time it happens, from the animated film, Scooby Doo On Zombie Island to the live-action adaptation Scooby Doo to the recent series, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, it's treated as some new occurrence that catches the "meddling kids" off-guard--and maybe it is; since there seem to be multiple Scooby Doo continuities.  The aforementioned SDMI even had history being rewritten as part of the canon.  So I think instead of having the Scooby gang thrown for a loop by the rare advent of a real monster, they should have the Ghostbusters be bested and maybe captured by a rare ghost their traps can't suck up, naturally because it's not a ghost at all, but some guy in a mask who, for extra humor, should be depicted as surprised he ever managed to capture anyone.  Then the Scooby Gang has to rescue them, only to be scared half-to-death by experiencing the 'busters' real work afterward.  Oh, and speaking of the unknown, Blogger doesn't know the terms "Ghostbusters" or "Scooby Doo".  That's pretty pathetic, guys.

2) Doctor Emmet Brown Vs Doctor Who.  Or alongside him.  Or something to do with him.  You have failed if you don't take advantage of this opportunity!

3) The Ninja Turtles.  Because they're the Ninja Turtles!  Little other explanation is needed here.
4) The Scooby Gang Accidentally Pulls Someone's Whole Head Off.  In case I'm talking to a whole crowd of Lego outsiders, Lego people's heads can come off, they do, and they must!  This is a necessary step to them putting on epaulettes, capes, scuba tanks, and if you're really meta, new shirts, but it doesn't get much attention in media.  This time, though, I'd say it has to--give us a scene where the Scooby Gang confronts a downed villain in a spook suit, tries to pull off his mask, and takes his whole head off.  You decide how it's played and how much mileage you get from that joke.

5) A Portal Gun Offered to Dorothy as a Way to Get Home.  Work it in somehow.

6) Emmet from The Lego Movie meets Owen from Jurassic World.  Fans already did the "Starlord" joke, which can't be done here because he's owned by Disney and in their game, but have these two meet.
This is the best visual I could do with what bricks I have here; sorry.
7) Larger Vehicles.  So far, we've seen a lot of vehicles, and now we have the promise of them being able to be rebuilt in three separate forms...but they're little.  One-person "Mario Kart" type things.  I want to have access to some really big, impressive pieces of hardware, too!  The full Ecto 1.  The Batmobile.  The Shellraiser and Turtlevan. (See above.)  They may be too expensive to sell as discs, but have them in the game.

8) Scooby Doo Scared of Unikitty.  I don't mean her hulked-out angy form, either; that can come later, but for humor's sakes, have Scooby be scared of the peppy, sugary Unikitty!

9) Combat that Doesn't Suck.  Really; I hate to get negative again, but TT combat is a clunky affair with recycled moves across multiple characters.  What's the point of playing Batman and punching out the Wicked Witch of the West if Dorothy can do it just as well?  The answer is comedy, but really, I want characters to feel unique and defeating opponents to feel like an accomplishment.  If I'm going here, I suggest Lego implements a sort of RPG mechanic the way Disney Infinity 2.0 did, but characters' movesets should be different from the start, too.

10) Classic Lego Characters!  This is one I really doubt getting, and one of the many things licensing has effectively killed for Lego adaptations, but I want it.  I want at least cameos from classic characters (AKA, those from non-licensed brands before The Lego Movie); the Brickolinis, King Kahuka, Dr. Cyber, suprise me!  I'd even take a Galidor reference for hipster points!
That's all I can think of now, but if anyone has any other suggestions, comment below!

Oh, and if you're wondering why I didn't put creative construction as one of the things I want from this, it's because it goes without saying that I both want it every time, and don't think it's at all a reasonable expectation any time.

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